Cypriot jug with pierced ribs: Middle Bronze Age III (1750 - 1650 BC)

jug with pierced ribs

Black Slip Ware (or possibly Drab Polished Ware) small jug with beaked, cutaway spout and 4 very unusual multiply-pierced "ribs" splaying out from the neck, typical of the West of the island in the last part of the Middle Bronze Age. The ribs make it feel plant-like, or perhaps like a young bird. The cut-away spout is a later, delicate reduction of Philia spouts (see my Philia jug). The vessel is round bottomed, as was normal in the Early and Middle Bronze Age, and the incised lines may have been filled with white lime. If Dab Ware it would be from the South coast or South West.  Part of one rib and spout re-attached and the latter with chip missing.

Size: 16cm high

(private collection, East Yorkshire. Acquired in Cyprus in the 1960s and thence by descent.)

(Aquired ArtAncient 9th July 2017)