Cypriot large spouted pot: Early Bronze Age I- III (2300 -2000 BC)

large spouted pot

Mottled Red Polished Ware. Round bottomed so probably not a Philia pot which were usually flat bottomed, but other feature (especially the spout) are similar to Philia wares. Very large bowls of this type are considered to have had some ritual significance, perhaps like the communal kava bowls of Fiji. Or they may simply have originally had some domestic use. Red Polished Ware was the dominant pottery of the Early and Middle Bronze Age in Cyprus. The black patches were caused by a part of the clay having reduced oxygen in the kiln. 2 holes restored, spout repaired.

Size: 19.7 x 31 cm

(Ex. collection: Patrick Joseph Roche, Ireland (1929-2011). Purchased in Cyprus between 1969-1971)

(Aquired Helios Gallery Apr 2015)