Cypriot Small jug with cut-away spout: EC III-MC I (2100 -1850 BC)

Small jug with cut-away spout

A pleasing, squat, Red Polished III Ware  smaller jug very unusual in that both ends of the handle are on the upper body, and the junction of body and neck is the narrowest point. The extended tips of the cut-away spout suggest later EC III or MC I.  Complete, good condition

Cf.: Dikaios & Stewart 1962 LX II (6), LXIII, LXVII (10-14) LXVIII (1-2) (spout), (6) (body)

Size: H 19.5cm

(Estate dispersal of large collection from Cambridge bought mainly from well known Auction houses, mostly before 2000, then by descent.)

(Aquired Acquired by DJ: Timeline Auction 5th March lot 0038 (part))

(DJ 267 AN 247)