Cypriot Jug with cut-away spout and nipple base.: EC I-II ? (1300-2100 BC)

Jug with cut-away spout and nipple base.

Red Polished  I-II Ware.  Complete, good condition

This jug, similar to 13 and 19, is a small version of EC jugs derived from flat bottomed Philia shapes (see 8). The spout suggests EC I-II but the handle should be a flatter loop for that period, and the lower neck normally wider.

Cf. Dikaios & Stewart 1962, LV (11,14), LVI, LXI (2); British Museum 1939,0217.28





Size: H 27cm

(Christies Auctions, London,11 December 1974, Ex collection of Lord Dayton of Corran, formed 1960-2000. Bonham’s Auctions, London 27th April 2006, lot 313 (part))

(Aquired Acquired by DJ: Timeline Auction 5th March lot 0038 (part))

(DJ 266 AN 246)