Cypriot Bichrome Red ware or Bichrome, large, shallow bowl: Cypro-Archaic IB-II (early) (700-500 BC)

Bichrome Red  ware or Bichrome, large, shallow bowl

Black on Red II-III (IV-V)ware or Bichrome Red I-II (IV-VI) ware.

It is extremely rare for a Black on Red vessel to combine a Red slipped interior with un-slipped buff areas. Those few that exist contain a small amount of white, as (faintly) here, so are classed as Bichrome Red ware, and the slip there is painted on. The white here is transparent and feels experimental and the red very orange. As such it could be early Bichrome Red. A patch of red slip crosses the rim where the slip was poured away, before the addition of black concentric circles. The conical shape can be found in late Archaic I bowls of Bichrome, Black on Red, Bichrome Red and Red Slip ware, but the flat rim and large size combined with two handles is extremely unusual.

A large shallow conical bowl with small ring base and wide, flat rim and two, opposed small, horizontal handles under the rim. Only the inside of the bowl is red-slipped, the rim and outside are un-slipped, pale buff pottery. Both rim edges are painted black, with two black lines between. A band of 3 concentric black lines makes a ring at the bottom, and another a short way down the interior is misted by a transparent white layer. 

Some surface chipping, varnished in the 20th Century giving a slight lustre. Slightly warped in manufacture in antiquity.

Cf: Gjerstad !948, p70-74 Fig.XL (1a); Fig.XXXVII (6,7a), LII (1), LIII (1), (not with unslipped areas); British Museum catalogue 1894,1101.534 (colour); 1876,0909.63 (shape)- both Bichrome Red.

Size: 7.8 x 29 cms (with h

(Ex. private collection, Bath, Somerset, UK; acquired during residency in Cyprus with the British High Commission between 1969 and 1972. The collection was purchased from licensed antiquities dealers in Ledra Street, Nicosia, who were reputedly selling duplicate and surplus items on behalf of the Cyprus Museum.)

(Aquired Helios Gallery, near Bath, UK 25thSept. 2023)

(DJ 256 AN 236)