Cypriot Small horn-lug bowl: Early Cypriot I (2300-2200BC)

Small horn-lug bowl

Red Polished I-II ware (Black Topped).   Horn-lug bowls are characteristic of Early Cypriot I in the North, especially Vounous. Often, as here, they have a black top and interior created by a reducing atmosphere in the kiln.

Small, hemispherical bowl with rim extended vertically and up-tilted horn lug pierced at the base. Red polished slip with black rim and interior.   Intact, small surface damage.

 Cf: British Museum 1939,0217.42 (and .9 and .35)(Vounous, Stewart)


Size: 7.2 x 11.1cm

(Ex. private collection, Bath, Somerset, UK; acquired during residency in Cyprus with the British High Commission 1969- 1972. The collection was purchased from licensed antiquities dealers in Ledra Street, Nicosia, reputedly selling duplicate and surplus items on behalf of the Cyprus Museum.)

(Aquired Helios Gallery London, December 2023.)

(DJ 264 AN 244)