Cypriot Small grey juglet.: Late Cypriot IA (1650- 1550 BC

Small grey juglet.

Black Slip III ware. This juglet probably had a stopper and contained perfumed oil.  Complete, good condition, chipped rim.

 At the junction of Middle and Late Bronze Ages, the old wares disappeared and new ones were created. A few bridged the gap, notably Black Slip. Unlike earlier Black Slip this ware was often not degraded and slap dash but, under the influence of Tell el-Yahudiyeh ware from Syro Palestine (but first found in Egypt), it was very precise, and featured incised decoration with delineated panels and multiple parallel zig-zags probably made with a multi-tool, analogous to red-on-black multi-brushes. The Ware led on directly to Black Slip V (fig 123) and Base Ring Ware.

Biconical juglet with almost flat base, slim neck and everted rim, with strap handle from upper body to below rim. Warm mid-grey, matt to slightly lustrous slip with minutely incised lime filled decoration. Plain horizontal bands at mid-line frame a band of alternating thrice superimposed Xs and diamonds. Above and below, plain vertical bands frame 6 panels filled with parallel horizontal zig-zags.

Unpublished.  Cf: Lubsen-Admiraal2004 p.113; British Museum Cat. 1899,1229.97

Size: 11.2 x 7.8 cm

(Ex personal collection of BL (known to me personally but name withheld on request), acquired from Chris Martin, London 1990.)

(Aquired Acquired by DJ from BL December 2023.)

(DJ 262 AN 242)