Cypriot Juglet with zig-zags.: Early Cypriot IIIB – Middle Cypriot I (2050-1850BC

Juglet with zig-zags.



A common Red Polished III ware juglet shape in the ECIII-MCI but with unusual incised decoration. Such small, narrow-necked containers probably had stoppers and contained oil.  

Complete, good, handle reattached, some pitting, mostly on underside.


Piriform jug with round bottom, narrow, tapering neck with sharply everted rim. A loop handle from top of body to rim, with a lug opposite at top of body. Lustrous red slip, paler and yellower on body, with incised, lime filled decoration. On the body 12 vertical hatched panels each with a central, single side-step. Multiple lines round upper neck, then pendant concentric semi-circles plus 3 more lines at base.

Cf: Dikaios & Stewart 1962 fig XCII (7-9);


Size: 14.4 x 10.4cm

(Ex personal collection of BL (known to me personally but name withheld on request), acquired from Chris Martin, London 1990.)

(Aquired Acquired by DJ from BL December 2023.)

(DJ 261 AN 241)