Cypriot White Slip II "Milk Bowl" with spout: Late Bronze Age II (1450 – 1200BC)

White Slip II "Milk Bowl" with spout

The normal  White Sip II Milk bowl of the type with two tiers of decoration, but with loop handle and very rare bridged trough spout. The decoration has now become more formulaic as production enormously increased. 

Complete, repaired from 6 pieces, spout chipped, minimal paint damage.


Hemispherical bowl with slightly in-curving top, loop handle and bridged, open spout, both set a little below the rim. Pale cream-buff slip with carelessly painted black and dark brown painted decoration outside. Tiny vertical brown dashes around rim. Two wide, horizontal ladder bands below them, broken at spout and handle, with hooked chain between. Below, six similar, vertical bands extending almost to a meeting point below, with thinner vertical ladders between. Between all verticals, just below the horizontal bands are (from handle) a hook (twice), four-dot square (twice), short hooked chain (each side of spout). The wide bands consisting of two wide, black lines with two thinner between, crossed by a mass of brown verticals. The thinner have only two black lines. Black line around underside of handle and around junction; top crossed by groups of 4 thick and thin lines with dot between. Spout underside crossed with 4 similar lines, top with two double, black radiating lines with two brown between. Inside rim are groups of 2 short, thick lines with 2 thin brown between: Two by spout, two by handle, plus one each side.

Cf: Karageorghis 2003 p.78

Size: 10.2 x 25.1 x 18.1cm

(From personal collection of BL (known to me personally but name withheld on request), acquired from Chris Martin 1992.)

(Aquired Acquired by DJ from BL December 2023.)

(DJ 260 AN 240)