Cypriot Deep White Painted bowl with handle: Middle Cypriot III (1750- 1650 BC)

Deep White Painted bowl with handle

Lovely small, deep White Painted V Ware bowl from the North or Mesaoria, probably Lapithos. Unusually, not everted near rim.   Complete, good condition minor staining.

Flattened hemispherical bowl with in-curving upper extension, slightly convex at top, with horizontal, raised loop handle. Dull cream slip with very neat, black painted lines. A double line defines the upper third, iwhich is filled with a 5 line zig-zag. Below, two 6 line groups cross the bottom at right angles, one obscuring the other. Between these, double lines head towards the crossing point, three of them off-set anti clockwise. Wavy line inside rim. Thick line on both edges of handle, joined by three groups of 5 lines, top and bottom.

Unpublished   Cf: Lubsen-Admiraal 2004 p.116 pl.225

Size: Dimensions: 8.2 (10.

(Ex collection of Annie Trotter & Ian Parsons, then personal collection of BL (known to me personally but name withheld on request), acquired 1989.)

(Aquired Acquired from BL by DJ December 2023.)

(DJ 257 AN 237)