Cypriot Tulip bowl (2): Early Cypriot I-II (2300- 2150/2100 BC)

Tulip bowl (2)

See previous. This tulip bowl is possibly slightly later than the other, with more sophisticated incised patterns similar to the ear-lug jar, alternating two patterns between two tiers. Mended from many pieces, possibly small restorations, smeared filler inside.

Convex conical vessel with top curving inwards and pointed base. Four, long, tapering flat-faced lugs arranged symmetrically, turning out above the rim. Red slip on the lower half, black above and inside. Incised decoration covers the upper half, originally filled with white lime. Three double lines at rim, midline and intermediate, create two horizontal bands which fluctuate in depth. In the spaces between lugs, two patterns alternate in top and bottom bands. One consists of multiple parallel zig-zags, the other of two rows of three tlinked diamonds filled with dots. Three similar diamonds run down each lug, with diagonal lines across lug tops. Fine striations down interior.

Cf: Dikaios & Stewart 1962 Fig.CXXXV (18) p.332


Size: 16.5 x 16.3 x 16.7cm

(Collection of Annie Trotter & Ian Parsons, then personal collection of BL (known to me personally but name withheld on request), acquired 1989.)

(Aquired Acquired by DJ from BL December 2023.)

(DJ 259 AN 239)