Cypriot Hydria: Cypro-Archaic I -II (750 -500 BC)


White Painted IV Ware from the mid Archaic.

Hydria are large amphorae with a third handle. This Greek influenced form made carrying and pouring much easier. Originally for water they were later used for other liquids, including oil, and in Greece were used to collect the votes of judges. They originated at the end of the Geometric period and continued through the Hellenistic.  

Intact, good condition

Cf: Lubsen-Admiraal 2004; …….





Size: 36.8 x 26.7 x24.2 cm

(Ex the Estate of Elliott Golub, Winnetka, IL 

Acquired from Harlan J. Berk, Chicago, Illinois, 2 September 1987.)

(Aquired Hindman Auctions, Chicago. Lot 150, 25 May 2023)

(DJ 255, AN 235)