Cypriot Small pedestal bowl: Late Cypriot II A-B (1450-1300 BC)

Small pedestal bowl

A very rare shape of White Slip II Ware found in Maroni region (one almost identical from Katydhata), and one near Kalavassos).

Small, shallow round-bottomed bowl with deep, slightly splayed ring pedestal and small vertical loop handle by rim. In-sloping rim painted with groups of four lines. Outside, below rim, two pairs of horizontal lines with linked cross-hatched diamonds between. Between this and foot, six radial bands of three lines roughly hatched across, alternate with two or three dotted lines. On pedestal, three lines with dotted lines below ,and on inside of pedestal more groups of vertical lines.

Some repairs and staining. Chips from foot.

Cf./Notes: Astrom 1972 b, p.452 Fig 56, p468,(Katydhata) Bowl type 1h; LXXXIV (7)(Mavrovouni); British Museum BM.1898,1201,176 & 118 (Maroni).

Size: Dimensions: 7 x 18cm

(Ex Prominent NewYork collector Daryl Kulok (donated antiquities to Bible Lands Museum, Jerusalem). Acquired 2000 from Robert Deutsch, Archaeological Center, Tel Aviv, Israel. Was several decades in Israel: has Cyprus Museum lead export seal attached to handle.)

(Aquired Alan Baidun, Jerusalem 30 April 2023.)

(DJ 250 AN 230)