Cypriot Jug with palm leaves: (Archaic II) 600 – 475BC

Jug with palm leaves


Bichrome V Ware with brown and black brush strokes on a creamy slip, depicting palm leave

Made in the 'Palm Leaf' workshop near Salamis, and found mainly in the Karpas and East Cyprus. However D Morris (1985, p248) believes the motif derived from lotus petals (which point downwards), a popular motif of the CA symbolic of renewal and creation, probably of Egyptian inspiration.

Wheel-made; piriform body on a disc base; tall narrow neck with a trefoil mouth; handle from shoulder to rim; cream-white clay and slip, decorated with red and black paint: stylised leaves in 5 groups of three hanging from black ring around the neck, paint on on handle and rim. One crack, otherwise intact.

Cf.  Gjerstad 1948, 67 Fig XLIX; Morris RS. 1987, 'The Palm Leaf workshop', RDAC, 127-139.


Size: 16.9 x 13.3cm

(Ex. collection of family “N”, North Germany (name known to me but withheld), collection made 1900-1970)

(Aquired Gorny & Mosch auction, Munich. Lot 45, 12 July)

DJ 243 (Annex 223)