Cypriot small amphora: Geometric II-III (900 - 750BC)

small amphora

Footed White Painted II-III Ware amphora, with black/dark brown paint on cream slip.  Narrow black stem and small foot, below short bulbous body and short, wide neck with out-turned flat lip. Two handles from shoulder to lip with painted ladder pattern. Black band inside rim and on lip with groups of 4 lines joining them. Black band at base of neck with metopes above, of 3 verticals framing diagonally divided triangles, half black, half cross-hatched. Three line zig-jag on shoulder above 3 bands.  Unusually elaborately painted for this type.  


(auctioneers believed: White Painted I-II Ware . Geometric I-II, 1050 - 850 B.C.) 



Size: 11.4 x16 x 11.7cm

(Ex. collection of family “N”, North Germany (name known to me but withheld), collection made 1900-1970)

(Aquired Gorny & Mosch auction, Munich, 12 July,  Lot 39)

DJ 241  (Annex 222)