Greek oinochoe jug (Gnathian, South Italian colonies): 4th century BC

oinochoe jug  (Gnathian, South Italian colonies)

This black glazed pottery was typical of Greek (especially Athenian) pottery. This is a small version of a common jug form, normally for wine, from Classical Greece and its colonies. Normally with this trefoil spout and sometimes (clearer in larger versions) a lion’s head at top end of handle, as here. Widely imitated, for example by the Etruscans and others (eg Cyprus) but in this case from from Gnathia, a Greek city and colony in pre-Roman south Italy (modern Apulia). The fourth century was the height of classical Greek civilisation. In later 4th century BC Apulia the Greek style took over from the earlier native Italic styles, such as the Daunian. The Greek colonies were defeated by the Romans at the end of the century and absorbed. Most of the handle has been reconstructed.  

Size: 13cm H

(Ex private collection Edinburgh early 20thC)

(Aquired Helios Gallery 2013)