Cypriot 3 tiny gold pendants: (Late Cypriot II-III) 1550-1050 BC

3 tiny gold pendants

3 tiny gold pendants, (Late Cypriot III) 1550 - 1050 BC


Three tiny gold pendants in the shape of pomegranates, from the Late Bronze Age. Originally from a group of 13, the others unfortunately already sold. They would probably been part of a larger group of pendants on a necklace, or just possibly sewn onto clothing.

Cf a similar pendant in the British Museum from Enkomi: Catalogue 1900, 0615.70




Size: 12mm long

(Ex collection of a lady, bought from Astarte Gallery, Audrey Davis, Britannia Hotel, W1, c1995)

(Aquired Acquired from Ancient Art London (CJ Martin))

DJ 233 (Annex 213)