Cypriot Bronze coin, possibly Soloi, King Eunestos (or Marion?): before 310 BC

Bronze coin, possibly Soloi, King Eunestos (or Marion?)

Bronze coin Head of Aphrodite, left; Rev: Ankh within wreath.  15mm.  3.04gm 

An unpublished coin.  Tsiambazis (p34, 145) lists a bronze coin with this "ankh within wreath" reverse as king Evnostos (Eunostos) of Soloi, however the inverse has the head of Aphrodite facing right. He notes that "it is usually attributed to Marium, but later evidence makes a Soloi attribution more probable". However, our coin shows on the inverse a head of Apollo facing left which is almost identical to the famous gold coins of Eunestos. 

 cf BMC pl. vi No 14. Tziambazis p34 144, 145 (variant)


(Ex  large coin legacy of South German collector, collected from the market 1980s and 90s.)

(Aquired Solidus Numismatik, Munich, Germany, Auction 82, Lot 1160,)

DJ 224 (Annex 205)