Cypriot Salamis 1/12 silver siglos Evelthon: Archaic II (525-500BC)

Salamis 1/12 silver siglos Evelthon

King Evelthon (ca. 560 - 525 BC).Silver 1/12 Siglos coin.
Ram’s head, left.  Rev: blank

The smallest coin of the first issue of coins in Cyprus by the Cypriot King Evelthon with blank reverse.

cf. Tziambazis 98.

Size: 11mm 0.85gm

(Ex  large coin legacy of South German collector, collected from the market 1980s and 90s.)

(Aquired Solidus Numismatics,Munich, Germany, auction 82 lot 1138)

DJ 223   (Annex 204)