Cypriot Small black-topped Red Polished Ware jug: Middle Bronze Age I-II (2000-1800 BC)

Small black-topped Red Polished Ware jug

Black topped Red Polished Ware jug with beaked, cut-away spout and globular body, the handle from shoulder to top of neck, dividing in two at the base and grooved down the middle with incised dashes each side, bound by ring in relief. Lugs at the base and near top of the neck, opposite handle, and on all 4 faces of the spherical body, all with a vertical groove. Paired, short, parallel dashed and straight lines, the upper sloped back, the lower forwards, decorate body (x4) and neck. The black top is nearer a dark brown, reminiscent of Base Ring I ware of the LBA.

Good condition. Inscribed in capital letters in white ink: 'CYPRUS.', 


Size: 18cm high

(Ex private collection J. O. Edwards (1911-2000), UK, acquired prior to 5 April 1983; and thence by descent to the seller.)

(Aquired Bonhams auction London, 6th July lot 44)

DJ 225 (Annex 206)