Cypriot White Painted bowl with handles: Cypro-Geometric (1050-750 BC)

White Painted bowl with handles

A wheelmade pottery bowl with two small, vertical handles, a creamy white slip painted with dark-grey, wide bands top and bottom, and inside a circle on the bottom,  dark grey handles and rim and a band immediately blow it, inside. A variant of the proto-Geometric footed bowls which are almost identical, except for the foot here replaced with a thin flat disc-base.

Cf  Metropolitan Museum, Accession 74.51.627

Size: 5.6 x 12.5cm

(Ex private collection (name withheld on request), Oxford UK; acquired mid 20th Century. Sold Mallams auctioneers, Abingdon, UK: 21stApril 2021, lot 72 (3 complete items + 10 sherds))

(Aquired Helios Gallery, UK)

DJ 221 (Annex 202)