Cypriot Paphos silver Siglos coin: Late Archaic II (500-480 BC)

Paphos silver Siglos coin

Paphos. King Pny..., circa 500-480 BC. Stater (Silver, 22 mm, 10.84 g, 6 h). 𐠢 ('pu' in Cypriot syllabic script) Bull standing left. Rev. Head of an eagle to left; above, palmette; below, guilloche pattern; all within incuse square. BMC 6. Dikaios pl. 14, 5. Tziambazis 75. Very rare. Struck slightly off center as usual, otherwise, very fine.

Paphos started to mint coins soon after Salamis, at the same weight standard of about 11gm, at the end of the 6th century BC. The second, third and fourth king to issue them all used a bull on the inverse and eagle’s head on the reverse, as here. They are known from abbreviations of their names in Cypriot Syllabary as A (-), (-) timo, and Pny (-) the most common. After that the reverse probably became a standing eagle, and then a flying eagle. (the sequence of these two was disputed).

Size: 22mm, 6h, 10.84gm

(Ex Sotheby's, 9-10 October 1995, 202.)

(Aquired Leu Numismatik)

DJ 212. (Annex 194)