Cypriot Tripod Red Polished small bottle: Middle Bronze Age II-III (1850-1650BC)

Tripod Red Polished small bottle

Red Polished Ware small bottle of the string-hole type on 3 legs. Piriform, slightly carinated body with tubular, dropper spout and forked strap handle from edge of dropper hole to upper shoulder. 2 pierced lugs on the neck plus 2 on each side of the filling hole and 5 on the body. Decorated with zigzag incised lines on body and handle (filled with white lime), and applied strings with puncture holes, giving chain-like appearance on shoulder, spout and around filling hole. A shape common in White Painted String-hole Ware from the period. The dropper spout provided a filling hole and gave a more even flow of liquid. Probably to pour oil: most likely scented oil in rituals.

Size: Height 20cm

(Ex collection of a Judge S. Brenner Boca Raton, USA. Bought in the late 1980s or early 1990s in Jerusalem.)

(Aquired Auction, Archaeological Centre Ltd, Tel Aviv, Israel,)

DJ 202 (Annex 184)