Cypriot White Slip jug: Late Cypriot II (1450- 1200BC)

White Slip jug

Jug with globular body and tall cylindrical, slightly concave neck, with strap handle from rim to shoulder. Light buff fabric. Decoration consisting of bands of horizontal lines on the neck, cross-hatched on the shoulder with pendant vertical bands of alternating cross-hatched lines and lozenges in dark brown. Wavy lines on rim and handle. Condition: Intact apart from a puncture (0.5 cm diam.) on the body, minor chipping to rim, and surface wear beneath handle root.

Size: Height 18.3 cm

(Ex collection Prof. Hans Dahn (1919-2019), Lausanne; acquired 30.07.1952 from Spink, London.)

(Aquired Jean-David Cahn AG Basel, Switzerland auction)

DJ 198 (Annex 180)