Cypriot tall necked flagon with face: Middle Cypriot I - II (2000-1750 BC)

tall necked flagon with face

A Cypriot red polished ware jug , the elongated neck decorated with a stylised face formed of two pierced ears and a nose-shaped pierced lug, the arched handle with a double spurred thumb rest, the spherical body with a short projection on the shoulder,  I particularly enjoy the ancient Cypriot inclination to make pots into personages.

Desmond Morris believed this piece was Early Bronzer Age but I think it is more likely Middle Bronze Age.

Size: 40cm high

(Ex Desmond Morris collection, acquired prior to 1985. The Desmond Morris Collection; Christie's auction, London, 6 November 2001, lot 144. G. Kyriacou collection, London, acquired from the above sale. (Kyriacou is a Cypriot artist and sculptor living in London who formed a collection of ancient and modern pottery from the late 70s onwards. He was drawn by similarities between ancient Cypriot, 13th and 14th century Eastern ceramics and modern studio ceramics.. Published: D. Morris, The Art of Ancient Cyprus, Oxford, 1985, p. 50, Pl. 44b)

(Aquired Bonhams auction (London) lot 31)

DJ 172