Cypriot Bichrome Redware bowl: Archaic or Early Classical (700-450BC)

Bichrome Redware bowl

Bichrome Redware is an Archaic II and early classical variant of Red on Black Ware, which adds a small amount of white paint, usually in dots or rings, which is sometimes fugitive. This example has more than usual, especially on the rim. The rings inside the bowl are unusual in not being bordered in black.

(with export approval issued by the ministry of the Spanish culture department )

Size: 15cm diameter

(Ex Nigel Park Collection (b. Glasgow 1938 - d. Brussels 2013), formed from 1970s - early 2000s, in Brussels while working for NATO. Purchased from Charles Ede Ltd in 1980 (published Cypriot Pottery catalogue VII, No 36) Then Bonhams, London, Auction, 30.09.2014)

(Aquired Ifergan, Malaga Spain)

DJ 169