Cypriot Huge Bichrome amphora: Cypriot Geometric III (850-750 BC)

Huge Bichrome amphora

Essentially a late Cypro-Geometric very large white Painted Ware amphora, but with one ring of red paint below the rim technically makes it Bichrome. This piece is typical of the scale of the many large Geometric (and Archaic) amphorae found in tombs, which I have not previously collected due to lack of space.  In good condition except dusty and dirty, needing cleaning.


Size: 70cm x55 inc handles

(Provenance: Ex. 1950's West Country, UK collection, exported under license of the Cyprus Museum (their lead tag still present though not the export permit), sold by us in July 2002 to a private collection in Woolwich where it has remained until now. (name of previous owner known to me and in my records, withheld on request))

(Aquired Helios Gallery (near Bath, UK))

DJ 186