Cypriot funnel: (Early Bronze Age III- Middle BA I) 2100-1900BC


A very rare Bronze Age funnel.  The shape as a bowl with handle, or even a dipper, would be more normal but as a rounded bowl with funnel base and handle I only know one other, in the British Museum, though I imagine the Cyprus Museum must have one or two.  The BM one is slightly cruder with a more open bowl shape and horizontal, Proto wishbone-shaped handle. I know of two funnels of a quite different, more conical shape and no handle.  It is also slightly reminiscent of very thin stemmed bowls with solid base from the ECIII. Desmond Morris calls it Early Bronze Age.  I think it is most likely to be Early Bronze Age III or Middle Bronze Age I.  I am unsure, though, during what periods the double horn projection on the rim was used on Cypriot bowls.


Size: height 15.2 x 14cm

(Ex Cyprus Museum, Jacksonville, USA, Collected by Dr Takay Crist in 80s and 90s after the invasion by Turkey of North Cyprus, opened to the public 1988, dispersed 2018 by his daughter at Leland Little Auctions, USA, 15th June 2018. Previously Ex Desmond Morris collection pre 1985. Illustrated in Desmond Morris: Art of Ancient Cyprus 1985)

(Aquired Art Ancient, London, August 20th 2019)

DJ 161