Cypriot Handmade Black Slip III ware bowl: Middle Bronze Age III (1725-1600BC)

Handmade Black Slip III ware bowl

Handmade Black Slip Ware from the end of the Middle Bronze Age, transitioning into the Late Bronze Age.  A rare piece of what might be called Proto Base Ring Ware.  It has much of the look of Base Ring, including the thin walls of highly levigated clay, but without the base ring.  The fabric looks very like Base Ring Ware. The wishbone handle is typically Late Bronze Age, as is (as far as I can find) the sudden change of angle of the bowl near the rim. However the wishbone handle is already found in MC III and the only modification of the Middle Bronze Age rounded bottom is a dimple in the middle made by pushing in a small area. Only the White Slip Ware, Milk-Bowls (which are a similar size) retain the rounded bottom in the Late Bronze Age.

Size: 9.7 x18.8 x 24.2cm

(Ex collection of Mrs Rosemary Tetlow, Shipton Bellinger, Hampshire,UK; acquired between 1962-69; thence by descent)

(Aquired Helios Gallery UK, August 13th 2019)

DJ 159A