Cypriot small black slip juglet: Middle Cypriot III - LC IA (1750-1600BC)

small black slip juglet

Small Handmade Black Slip jug with incised decoration and slightly trefoil spout, from the end of the Middle Bronze Age.  This ware later transitioned into the Base Ring Ware of the Late Bronze Age.  It may have contained perfumed oils. The shape and engraved decoration were probably inspired by Tell el-Yahudieh jugs.  This Egyptian ware, often found in Cyprus and the Levant, is sometimes considered a mark of the presence of Hyksos invaders.


Size: 12cm high

(Ex private collection Stephen Churley, purchased Ancient Art, London, UK on 25th July 2014 (their COA erroneously states ‘Early Bronze Age, 3rd millennium BC). Previously ex Bonhams, New Bond Street, London, 13th April 2011, part of lot 363; ex Bonhams, London, 27th April 2006 lot 312, ex private Dutch collection; previously ex Lord Dayton of Corran collection formed 1960-2000.)

(Aquired Stephen Churley August 2019)

DJ 158