Cypriot WPW small jug with animal: Middle Bronze Age II-III (1850-1650BC)

WPW small jug with animal

Small  White Painted Ware jug with well preserved paintwork of hatched triangles, typical of MC III but also found in MC II. On the top of the handle is a thumbhole in a zoomorphic shape. Red on White ares similar to white painted existed before the Bronze Age and a small amount of a White Painted Ware I existed in the Philia period at the start of the Bronze Age.  However the White Painted Ware II-VI created in the Middle Bronze Age (and continuing into Late Bronze Age I) marked the start of the Middle Bronze Age. At first it was a luxury ware intruding into the main production which was still Red Polished Ware.  However by the Middle Bronze Age III it was the main ware, alongside the old Red Polished Ware and Drab polished Ware, and the new Black Slip Ware and Red on Black Ware.  

The ware involves a coating of off white or cream slip and painted designs varying from black to reddish brown.  Each area and specific ware had its characteristic designs, which are very varied.  The paint has a tendency to flake off rather easily since it was not fired at a very high temperature. This is seen in a large number of White Painted ware vessels and is characteristic.

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Size: 11.4 x 8.8cm high

(Ex Collection Jil Damon Paris, collected 1940-1990)

(Aquired Baidun Fine Antiquities, Jerusalem, August 2019 (export permit from Israel))

DJ 157