Cypriot WPW stringhole jug: Middle Bronze Age II-III (1850-1650BC)

WPW stringhole jug

White Painted Ware, Stringhole type  jug on three small legs.  It has a dropper spout which provides the filling point but also allows a better flow of liquid by introducing air.  The end of this has broken off and been restored for 1-2cm.  However this is too short: it should be 2-3cm longer.  I will have the restoration removed and probably remade in a more idiomatic manner, for which there are many extant examples to copy.  The so called stringholes are probably just a decorative elaboration of the  pierced lugs common from the Early Cypriot I onwards, originally probably so that  the items could be hung on a peg in the wall with a string or thong. The dropper spout and rows of triangles in the decoration suggest it is possibly from the Lapithos area or just possibly the Mesaoria.

In transit from dealer.

Size: 18.3 x 10.2cm (now)

(Ex Nigel Parks collection, Brussels, acquired 1979 from dealer Charles Ede, London.)

(Aquired Alan Baidun, Jerusalem, August 2019 (export permit from Israel))

DJ 156