Cypriot shallow small bowl: Early Cypriot (2300-2000BC)

shallow small  bowl

Small, shallow red/black mottled Early Cypriot bowl with zig-zag decoration and decorative protrusions on rim and pierced lug at side. Such shallow bowls are fairly unusual, though I have seen one almost identical, dug up by a Cypriot friend while making a pool in his garden (and registered with the authorities).  The small decorative flanges on the rim seem to date it to the Early Bronze Age, probably EC II-III. The variation from red to black of the surface relates to degrees of oxidation or reduction in the kiln of the iron oxide in the clay slip.


Size: 14cm diameter

(Ex collection Lord Dayton of Curran (Irish scholar) formed 1960-2000, then Bonhams London 27th April 2006 lot 319, Then Private Dutch collection, sold Bonhams auction 2010 or 2011, part of lot of 9 items bought by dealer. Subsequently this & 2 others bought by BL.)

(Aquired BL (scholar and friend of mine - details in my records) June 22nd 2019)

DJ 136