Cypriot bowl with horned handle: Middle Cypriot II-III (1850-1650 BC)

bowl with horned handle

One of the basic bowl shapes of the Early/Middle Cypriot period but with an added handle of a design which continued and was developed into the Late Bronze Age and beyond (see my Late Cypriot Base Ring Ware cup). Red polished ware and its variants make up almost all pottery of the Early Bronze Age and the largest proportion of the Middle Bronze Age.  It is created by coating the pottery in a red slip and later burnishing the surface, possibly with a smooth stone.

New acquisition still with previous owner - more details to follow

Size: 14x17x9.1-13.5handle

(Ex Desmond Morris collection, sold Christies, London, 14th May 2002 lot 4. Subsequently private Dutch collection sold in lot of 9 Early Cypriot items, Bonhams 2010 or 2011, 3 of them subsequently sold to BL)

(Aquired BL (scholarly friend of mine - details in my records) June 22nd 2019)

DJ 135