Cypriot Free-field neckless jug: Archaic I-II (700-600 BC)

Free-field neckless jug

Very fine, large free-field Bichrome jug. This 6th century Archaic Cypriot type is much prized.   This less elegant, neckless jug shape is a little later than the other, the emphasis being to produce the maximum field for the bird design. In contrast to my other Free-field jug the bird is huge and covers as much of the jug as possible. The surface also shows the imprint of many roots.  There may be a small amount of touching-up of some of the painted lines in the tail, but this does not seem very significant. Again it is likely to be a fish-eating water bird, though there are no fish depicted this time.


Size: 27cm high

(Ex collection BL (known to me and in my records). Purchased 1989 from Chris Martin (dealer))

(Aquired As above, private sale)

D 126