Cypriot White Slip II Ware large tankard: Late Bronze Age 1550-1200 BC

White Slip II Ware large tankard

White Slip II Ware tankard or jug.  These are not anything like as common as the milk bowls but were one of the small number of standard forms in this ware.  Though large it is similar in shape to tankards in other wares of the Late Bronze Age (the common Base Ring I, or relatively rarer Wheelmade Bichrome - see my examples). It is sometimes suggested that these forms (especially in Base Ring I) were inspired by bronze originals. This  example is more carefully painted than most and has retained a whiter finish. White Slip Ware (especially the Milk Bowls) was very popular, along with Base Ring Ware, and both were widely exported.

Size: 27cm high

(collection of Jean Audy (1906-62), French politician who collected Roman marble busts and various ancient vessels. His descendants auctioned his collection in 2008.)

(Aquired e-Tiquities by Phoenix Ancient Art, 13 April 2018)