Cypriot miniature spouted vessel: Middle Bronze Age I -II (2000 – 1700 BC)

miniature spouted vessel

Red Polished Ware miniature vessel for pouring small amounts of liquid, possibly oil. Perhaps to fill lamps? Cut away (or damaged?) spout and rounded base. The cut-away spout seems to make it unsuitable to feed a baby. Or could it be a toy? It cannot be filled more than half full without leaking from the spout, unless kept tipped backwards.

Extensive light encrustation.

Size: 6 x 11cm (inc spout)

(Ex collection of David Read, acquired between 1966-1969 while working as a government official in Cyprus. He explored the ancient sites and museums and got to know local collectors and historians.)

(Aquired 14th Decemberthrough Chiswick Auctions from failed lot 152 (part))