Cypriot Large Black topped pouring bowl: Early Cypriot III (2100-2000 BC)

Large Black topped pouring bowl

Large Black-topped Red Polished Ware spouted bowl with complex incised patterns. The very extensive black areas have had the red iron oxide in the slip reduced by restricting air (possibly by partial immersion in sand in the kiln). The handle is clearly Early Cypriot and the decoration has elements seen on the tall-necked vases, which date from the same Prehistoric Bronze Age III period.  There is no longer any sign of the usual white lime in the incisions. The main bowl shape is reminiscent of the Late Cypriot milk bowls, though even larger

Reassembled from many pieces  and a piece detached from the side when bought, requiring restoration (probably through being picked up by the edge).

Size: 30cm x 22.5 x13.5cm

(Ex collection of David Read, bought between 1966-1969 while working as a government official in Cyprus. He explored the ancient sites and museums and got to know local collectors and historians.)

(Aquired Chiswick Auction 5th December 2017 lot 135 (part))