Villanovan Ribbed black-slip pot: Early Iron Age 8th Century BC

Ribbed black-slip pot
Probably Villanovan - the slightly mysterious culture in North Italy prior to the Etruscans  (or sometimes seen as the earliest Phase of the Etruscans), or it could possibly be early Etruscan.  The Villanovans brought Iron to North and Central Italy. There was a Proto Etruscan civilisation from around 1100 BC which is hard to distinguish from Central European Urnfield culture and Halstatt culture.  True Villanovan II culture dates from 900BC to 700BC, which was followed by a more Greek influenced transition which led to to the Etruscans. They are particularly known from their cemeteries, with characteristic cinerary urns with bowl-like lids.  This is a Handmade Black-Slip Ware footed jug, known as Impasto, with ribbed body and loop handle . Sold to me as Cypriot Bucchero Ware.  The fabric and ribbing fitted that identification (probably made by the previous Israeli dealer) but I have discovered no Cypriot pottery close to this shape and it is too heavy for Cypriot Late Bronze Age, especially compared to Base Ring Ware which is normally very thin-walled. However there are similarities to Villanovan and Etruscan shapes which also have a black surface and sometimes similar ribbed shapes.
Old repair to the rim, otherwise in perfect condition.

Size: 17.5cm high

(collection of Mr Rosen, New York City private collection, acquired mid 1990s from Frishman Gallery Tel Aviv Israel.)

(Aquired Palmyra Heritage Gallery USA, 16th Sept 2017)