Cypriot WPW stringhole jug: Middle Bronze Age II-III (1850-1650BC)

WPW stringhole jug

White Painted Ware, Stringhole type  jug on three small legs.  It has a dropper spout which provides the filling point but also allows a better flow of liquid by introducing air.  The end of this has broken off and been restored for 1-2cm.  However this is too short: it should be 2-3cm longer.  I will have the restoration removed and probably remade in a more idiomatic manner, for which there are many extant examples to copy.  The so called stringholes are probably just a decorative elaboration of the  pierced lugs common from the Early Cypriot I onwards, originally probably so that  the items could be hung on a peg in the wall with a string or thong.

In transit from dealer.

Size: 18cm (currently)

(Ex Nigel Parks collection, Brussels 1980 from dealer Charles Ede (more details to follow))

(Aquired Alan Baidun, Jerusalem, August 2019)

DJ 156