Cypriot slab plank-figure with arm stubs: Middle Cypriot I-II (2000- 1750BC)

slab plank-figure with arm stubs

Slab style Plank Figure from the Middle Bronze Age I-II.  The slab figures do not have the head and neck narrower than the body as in the classic "Shoulder Figures", which were decorated with incised patterns marking clothing and necklaces.  Slab figures also often have rudimentary arms and are much more likely to have breasts than the classic figures.  They are generally taken to be a little later than the classic plank figures and in these later figures the incised decoration (with only the nose in relief) is replaced by other features in relief, often including arms, which the earlier figures do not have, and later (in transitional figures from the Middle Cypriot III- Late Cypriot I) even legs. 

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Size: 24.5cm high

(Ex private collection, Japan, prior to 1985. Published as drawing, D. Morris, The Art of Ancient Cyprus 1985, p.143 fig.212. Also published as drawing Vassos Karageorghis "The Art of Ancient Cyprus" Vol 1, p 87 (1991))

(Aquired Art Ancient)

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