Cypriot duck Askos: Late Bronze IIIB-Geometric I (1100-950BC)

duck Askos

Geometric period duck Askos in White Painted Ware.  Desmond Morris called these bird Askoi, Proto White Painted Ware and designated them as from the end of the Late Bronze Age III, but the decoration looks more like early Geometric. A knowledgeable friend reckoned it was on the cusp.  The Duck askos continued into the later Geometric without the stub-wings and later still in a more abstracted form. The filling hole is in the back and the beak acts as a spout.  The figure stands on 3 legs with short stubby wings, the creamy slip on the body painted with geometric patterns.

Purchase just agreed, in transit from dealer. More details to follow.

Size: 15 x 25cm long

(Ex private collection France 1970 - 1980)

(Aquired Baidun, Jerusalem June 2019)

DJ 143